sacem songs and the authors explain: Reforming sacem ...
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sacem songs and the authors explain: Reforming sacem ... author demonstrates

In 1997, my little poetry seems an impasse, and condemned to eternal anonymity if not promptly habits of the song. As the seventeenth century dominated the writing stage. Continue to live. Move as reactions.

I had a vague, very vague idea of how this world: my knowledge was limited to emissions of Jean-Louis Foulquier on France-Inter and to meet a singer-songwriter - a member of the interpreter sacem, five years earlier, in Arras, in the time of my first poems.
"A small regional flagship 'thirties, crowned with a 45 laps in" a record "... I sent him a presentation, he invited me and we spent the afternoon talking and a few evenings in the restaurant ... I thought my interest in poetry, even thought it take ownership for a "next album" ... but he was soon to declare its true intentions: he wanted to (just!) be my "first gay experience", my refusal net stopped this "nascent friendship."

I was then nine hundred miles below, in the Lot ... about sixty miles from Astaffort village known by his deputy mayor for cultural functions: Francis Cabrel ... organizer of "encounters" with Jean-Louis Foulquier had a Friday night, wanted to VRP. I played the regional map and the end of February 1998, my old 205 already stopped in the square from the tourist office, a few meters, 1 rue du Plapier where the teacher called me with 19 others selected for the tenths meetings. One week to create a show in the first part of Louis Chédid.

Here I was taught the absolute need to become a member of SACEM, thus to present at least five "works" one can rely on at least five broadcasts on more than six months. The representative of the Lot-et-Garonne sacem of our questions answered, an "abundant" documentation was available to us. And a former senior officer of the sacem "converted" trainer "was well down from Paris to advise us at the dinner Sunday night: Philippe Albaret also responsible for the construction of the Francofolies de la Rochelle ...

Became a member of SACEM, I have received and read the statutes. Printing malaise. Why, when the sacem on the number of its members, the distinction between members' core 'professional members and members definitive? For the next election of the Board, no newsletter in my mailbox ... become a "member", which is get 16 votes in the General Assembly ... and receive the ballots, which are not sent to private members, who can learn and move to Paris if they are considering their small opinion! So my votes are 16 times smaller and more everything is done so that I do not participate in voting. Why?

Then I started on the Internet: the sacem wants to acknowledge its concern ... but because of "illegal downloading" imminent danger to the members in a situation of losing the fruits of their labor ... SACEM, unsurprisingly, wants to mobilize its troops.
If more than 100 000 members to "revolt", which together ... and status of the hold-up would continue to ...
It does not, of course, for the direction of the sacem, defend 100 000 members, but to maintain the current situation where a few hundred members and as many highly paid s'engraissent. Overheads generous subsidies, aid ... some ...
When sacem says "the net cost of the management of rights in 2004 was 114 million euros. There is a slight increase and represents 15.7% of fees collected "it plays on the concept of net cost by removing the net 30.3 million euros of financial resources and constraints that are derived primarily from investment of pending rights distribution (ie the money of policyholders).
The real cost of "management" was of 144.7 million euros (1648 employees at 31 December 2004) is 19.92% of 726.5 million euros collected in 2004. When the works of Ravel (deceased in 1937) fall into the public domain, how much will be reduced amounts collected? At what percentage will the real costs?
Is it acceptable to the 109 000 members? These 144.7 million euros could perhaps find a more cultural?

The danger of the Internet for sacem is information, information flow. Those who know, guess, investigate, can speak ... Then the sacem looking for "Paradise."

Petitgirard Lawrence, Chairman of the Board, began in April 2004 by its editorial:
"In December 2003, the Board of Directors of the Sacem decided to drop by 50% the" cens money, ie the minimum rights required to gain access to professional member status, then to that of permanent member. "
Very instructive explanation:
"This decrease has not been determined arbitrarily, the Council found that the supposed money, adjusted for changes in the distribution of rights, since 1980 had increased twice as fast as the indices used to reference the increase in salaries . "
Can be translated as: Since 1980, the board has managed to restrict access to member professional status, thus allowing a small group subservient to the majors without opposition to lead our noble institution.

First data on the circle: "You were a total of 116 at the 2003 Promotion. With this, you will be 760 in 2004, including 576 new professional members and 187 new permanent members. "
But the total number of professional members remain "secret" ... (demandé. .. no response) secrecy lifted in the same letter ... in July 2006: 1971 members and professional members in 1766 final ... end of an article in which the seat of Neuilly received "230 new professional members and 83 new permanent members", the "promotion in 2006. "
576 professional members in 2004, 230 in 2006, it may presage a similar number in 2005, 576 + 230 + 230 = 1236, which should remove current professional company in 1971, which by extrapolation is accurate enough for 2003 : 735 professional members, for intellectual honesty, we can keep the company in 1766 final, considering that the final 2006 members were already at least professional company in 2003.
To obtain the number of "real" members sacem 2003, it is therefore necessary to add 735 and 1766. Approximately 2500.
[Among them, I believe, some do not even suspect that policy ... they create]
"In early 2003, we passed the 100 000 members, to end the year around 105 000, including about 90 000 authors and composers alive. "
Laurent Petitgirard always Newsletter in January 2004.
Approximately 2.5% of members were seen in 2003. Three years later, the chairman of the board really brag enough, to appeal to the general mobilization: about 4% can speak.
An oligarchy directs sacem. And application management in sub-members to defend the citadel under siege. As the noble power of the people required to pay his blood for the fatherland in danger.
How many years the 100 000 members despised even accept count for cow dung?
"In any oligarchy hides a constant appetite for tyranny" (Nietzsche)
[Even if I become a member pro ', I would not the idea of losing my time in a Board of Directors. What is more to Paris!]

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